Wanna Get Your Home Sold- Strip!

Wow, did that get your attention or what?  Now you know being the prim and proper Grandmother that I am (cough cough), I did not really mean what I said, although you have to admit it is an interesting idea.

The stripping I am referring to is your floors. For those of you who don’t know, if you have an older home (anything built in the 60’s, at least here in Salt Lake), there are hardwood floors under them carpets.  Years ago, hardwood floors were the norm, and then the fashion became to cover them with wall to wall carpet (any of you who remember that phrase are as old as I am by the way).  Having ‘wall to wall” was a status thing in some areas, so these beautiful hardwood floors were covered with tack strips and carpet applied.  Admittedly, carpet was some what warmer than wood floors in the winter so there was some practicality to  it, but mostly it was “fashionable”

Now here we are 50 years later and as with all things “fashionable” , the return to hardwood floors was inevitable (kind of like leg warmers…eh, now don’t tell me you never wore them. I know you did).  Anyway…

Hardwood floors today…

add value to a home, whether you are in for the long haul, or you are preparing your home to sell. So, if you are looking for home improvement ideas that will bring the biggest bang for the buck, peel away the carpet from under a heating vent to see if you are blessed with hardwood.  If you are, you have a little work to do to refinish and bring luster back to your hardwoods, but it will be well worth the time and effort spent.

Again, as your wise and brilliant Realtors, we will not leave you in the lurch to discover how to refinish your hardwood floors for fun and profit.  Here is a video at the side (look to your right) I found that will help get you started.

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Now, if you are not inclined to do it yourself, there are many contractors out there who love to do this sort of thing…and love to get paid for it.  Give us a call if you need a referral!

Let us know how you are doing on this.

Send pictures and stories (both successes and the “how I screwed up my entire life by trying this by myself” kind of stories….if you have one of those stories, we will make sure you remain anonymous, but we cannot guarantee that no one will recognize you and snicker behind your back, so this is not for the faint of heart.

Go forth and refinish.

Til later, ciao