Bring Out The Picasso And Paint That Paneling!

Ok, well, we don’t mean a “literal” Picasso when you are trying to sell your home or just improve your home. Picasso was a fine painter (he has to be cause his works are so expensive to buy, right?), but probably a bit avante garde for applying those techniques to painting paneling in your home . The analogy here is that you can be a fine painter in your own rite if you use that latent and brilliant talent to add value to your home!

One of our 10 inexpensive ways to add value to your home is to paint that outdated wood paneling.  Yeah, Yeah, I know…it’s manly looking and was a great effect in the 70’s, but if you are trying to appeal to today’s buyer (and even if you aren’t trying to appeal to a buyer…it’s time to update your home…you know it is!) you will want to get rid of those outdated wall coverings (that goes for wallpaper too…but that’s another blog).

So…I know you are looking at your paneling and are becoming overwhelmed at the massiveness of the project and it’s possible cost to replace the wood paneling with drywall (trust me I can feel it from here!), and you will be sorely tempted to simply “walk away”.  But fear not, we have a solution for you, being the wonderful andCouple of different ways to update wood paneling timely realtors that we are…

In the videos below are creative ways to make use of paint to cover those wood panels and bring your home into the 21st century.  Either way is good in our opinion, it just depends on the effect you are looking for in painting your wood panels.  Pick one, and remember, don’t cut corners.  Inexpensive means well done and doesn’t cost much….not cheap!

Call us with any questions!  We are glad to help in any way we can….well, except the actual painting part…we have to draw the line somewhere!  Til next time, Ciao.

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